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Consulting Service:     New Hire Onboarding​​

Here is where the foundation is laid with your new hire -- not only what you expect from them but as important what they can expect from you.    PerformTec  has over 30 years experience working with diverse organizations to get the relationship started "on the right foot".
CASE STUDY:     A national financial services company was challenged with recruiting top tier college graduates to join their firm, quickly onboard them to become billable resources, introduce them to their customers' industries, and induct them into the company's overall business culture.   In addition, the H/R department needed to transition from a paper-based benefits administration process to a more efficient solution to reduce overhead and costs.   

PerformTec Solution:   Web-based delivery of H/R benefits forms, employee handbook, etc.   Custom web-based training curriculum for new hires that included technical, soft skills, and well as industry specific content. 
PerformTec​  works with all levels of management and H/R to design and develop:
  • pre-hire assignments such as H/R benefits processing and self-study training
  • first day orientation
  • first business quarter induction
  • self-study and classroom based activities

​​PerformTec  can design and develop custom solutions that address:
  • company culture and soft skills development
  • technical training
  • client industry-specific training and education
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Consulting Service:  Training Methods & Technologies 

As in championship sports, successful businesses and organizations are usually comprised of high performance individuals.   But that won't happen without astute employee development plans supported by best practices training methods and technologies.   Simply stated, PerformTec  excels in designing and developing high-achieving training programs that deliver measurable results.  
CASE STUDY:    A team of regenerative medicine research scientists and physicians were asked to train a diverse group of practicioners  on their latest tools and techniques.  Their information consisted of an array of materials -- documents, images, videos and animation.   None of the target audiences (neurosurgeons, physical therapists, etc.) were in a position to travel to a central location for the session, yet needed to be able to interact directly with the experts delivering the presentations.

PerformTec Solution:   An instructional designer worked with the subject matter experts on the session's learning objectives, course materials, delivery method (interactive online webinar), as well as the development of a follow-on, self-study DVD that was made available to all session participants.
P​erformTec works directly with management and other stakeholders to design and develop products and services such as:
  • web-based training
  • cloud hosted learning management system administration
  • classroom-based training delivery
  • live webinar facilitation
  • training needs assessments
  • video-based simulation training
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Consulting Service:   Career Development​ 

Ongoing success for any business or organization means having a deep bench and a leadership development strategy.   In fact, sustained growth year over year absolutely depends on it.    PerformTec  offers employment life cycle  planning processes and tools that enable the employee to be an active partner with management in their own career development.  
CASE STUDY:  A rapidly-growing,  national IT staff augmentation and services company had a footprint of over 35 U.S. locations and needed to deploy a strategic, standardized employee development system across the organization.    The system would need to be administered at the local branch office level.  In order to be consistent with the company's business culture the employee would need to partner with her/her manager during all phases of the process.   

PerformTec Solution:  Working closely with the company's management team a customized, comprehensive set of tools and processes was designed and developed for all positions in the company's organization.   All phases of the employment life cycle were addressed, including New Hire Onboarding, Ongoing Development, Performance Management, and Leadership Development.
PerformTec can provide and customize tools and processes that support the entire employment life cycle including:
  • new hire orientation
  • first year training & development planning
  • individual ongoing development planning
  • function-based job descriptions
  • performance evaluation and annual review
  • merit based pay administration
  • performance improvement planning and discipline
  • succession planning
  • exit administration
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